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Hi! As you may have seen in other communities, I'm trying to sell off some of my hello! project goods. Most of it is Minimoni stuff. I still have a few things left, so I thought I'd see if anyone else was interested.

Minimoni/Minimoni + Maki tiny figures
Details: Nearly full set of Minimoni + Maki figures, missing regular Kago. Full set of Minimoni A~in figures plus an extra Yaguchi. All in great condition. About 1.5 inches tall.
Price: 12$ for all 14

Minimoni Yaguchi bottle capper
Details: Yaguchi Strawberry Pie bottle capper. Stands at about 1.5 inches, in great condition.
Price: 4$

Minimoni Minihamu pin
Details: Made of metal, in great condition. About 1-1.5 inches tall.
Price: 4$

Iida Kaori+Goto Maki little case
Details: Got in Japan. Will hold a ring or something, it's very small. It's in great condition though.
Price: 3$

If you wanna buy more than one thing, I'll give some discounts because its easier to ship together + I'm desperate to clean out. Prices include shipping to the US, add 2$ for shipping to Canada. And I only ship to the US and Canada, sorry! Paypal perferred, money orders accepted. Thanks for looking!

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